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When She Woke - Hillary Jordan "When She Woke" is a chilling dystopian that takes place in the not so distant future where the evangelical right has taken over the government. It's also a futuristic retelling of the "The Scarlet Letter" but instead of the "A" a person convicted of a crime is injected with a virus that turns their skin a color that varies on the severity of their crime. Hannah Payne is now a Red because she murdered her unborn child and wouldn't give up the name of her abortionist nor the father of her child who happens to be her well known pastor.

Jordan is an excellent storyteller, and I was immediately engrossed in Hannah's story even when it made me uncomfortable. It's a story of a woman's journey in which she discovers that "it's personal" goes deeper than just her reproductive rights but her faith, sexual orientation, ideals, and more. A strong message of governments being involved in the social rights of others is not a nation that values freedom.