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Little Brother - Cory Doctorow I was really looking forward to reading this book. I love young adult literature and this looked like a great novel from the reviews I read. However, I was completely disappointed.

First, Marcus was just an unlikable character. He was pompous and rude. It's obvious he was a smart guy but why did he feel the need to flaunt it CONSTANTLY. Also, from the cover and from the start of the book it looked like a story about three friends who suffered together and then worked together to do something positive because of their shared experience. However, as soon as Van and Julu disagreed with Marcus he dropped them completely. I mean just because they didn't agree with him he couldn't even talk to them? I kept hoping they would come back but Marcus became so involved in Ange and Xnet that his friendships with Van, Julu, and even Daryl were dropped for most of the book. That really bothered me. He only went to them when he needed them and had nobody else to turn too. That seems like a bit of a user to me.

Also, I've never read a book that was so black and white. There was not a bit of grey in the whole story. You either despised the government and plot against them (good) or sympathize with the government and do everything in your power to thwart freedom (bad). I definitely lean toward the left politically but I don't think our government and the people who support conservative candidates are evil and dumb. Before people start ranting I KNOW that our country has tortured people, made security check points in airports more extensive, etc... and I might not agree with these decisions, but I also feel that our country has done good things too. Most Americans are considered moderate politically and I just don't feel like this novel speaks to anyone other than extreme liberals that really enjoy ranting about how horrible our country is.

To finish, this storyline intrigued me. That is why I bought the book. I thought it was going to be something like V for Vendetta where each character has flaws and no side is perfect. Every character makes mistakes but in the end the decision for freedom is put into the hands of the people. Nothing in V was black or white and their were so many layers of why events were happening. It was so powerful. However, Little Brother was not that. It was a political rant from a guy that is blind from hate that he spews it throughout the whole book and makes the storyline suffer for it.