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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins I thought Collins did a fantastic job wrapping up The Hunger Games series with The Mockingjay. I was so glad that she decided to show the brutality of war and how there are consequences for decisions made. She understood that this rebellion couldn't be tied up into a neat little bow and everyone would live happily ever after. Katniss, Peeta, Johanna, Finnick, Haymitch etc... were damaged and would never be completely whole again. They had to grow up to fast and it wasn't fair. The Mockingjay felt so realistic and plausible and I'm relieved that Collins wasn't afraid to kill off main characters. Finally, I was always sort of pulling for Gale and Katniss ending up together. However, Collins also did a great job showing that Gale and Katniss are to similar and the rage and hate between them would have torn them apart. The Peeta's compassion is what Katniss needed and I'm glad they were able to heal together. This book was thought provoking and left me reeling long after I read the final word. It leaves so much for us to dwell on.