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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I have conflicting thoughts on the Night Circus. Unlike other readers, I didn't go into this book with lofty expectations because I had read a few reviews that seemed realistic.

Firstly, the creative, imaginative descriptions of the circus are very well done. However, halfway through the book I started skipping them because it was way to many descriptions. At the beginning of the book, the mysteries of the circus are captivating. I didn't need a detailed description about every tent. I wished some of it would have been left to our imaginations.

Secondly, our protagonists are downright dull. Unlike the plot summary which leads you to believe, that Celia and Marco engage in "fierce" magical battles but somehow grow to love each other, the actual book displays nothing "fierce" about their magical abilities or their relationship with each other. They "engage" in battle from afar for most of the book.

Thirdly, I felt there are a few plot points left unexplained. Like what exactly happened to Celia's father, how did Celia's father and Alexander live so long, etc...

Finally, my favorite characters are Poppet and Widget. I believe the have the most interesting story line throughout the book. I wished I had read more of their story.

Overall, this book is not poorly executed. It's beautifully written but the plot dragged and suffered due to the shear amount of descriptions.