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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I’ve been following John Green’s career for a long time. I adored Looking for Alaska and couldn’t wait to read anything and everything John Green put his name on. I read both Katherine and Paper Towns as soon as they came out, and I liked them but didn’t love them like I did Alaska. So, when I heard about the plot of A Fault in Our Stars I was a little nervous about reading a book that focuses on kids dying of cancer. However, I trusted that John wouldn’t make this a sappy affair and boy did he ever deliver.

A Fault in Our Stars is heart-warming, hilarious, witty, heart-wrenching, profound, and realistic all rolled into one. Hazel is an amazing character and her unique view of the world is fascinating. Augustus is difficult to explain but lovely to read about. It is amazing to read about these children that have dealt with the most difficult situations imaginable but they are still typical teenagers that love video games, go to the mall with their friends, worry about if that boy/girl like them, or why did he/she dump me? However, they are also faced with the reality of death and what that will mean to the people they love, if their life is going to mean anything, and so much more.

I heard John speak about A Fault in Our Stars before it was released and how long this story has been forming. He was a chaplain in a hospital before he began his career as a writer and saw some of what he wrote about first hand. However, he wasn’t ready to write this story yet. He needed to mature as a writer and a person. In some ways, I think he needed to become a father.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a solid writer with a character driven plot. It really is a lovely story.