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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Well, I have to say I was more disappointed with Hallowed than I was with Unearthly. I decided to continue the series because I felt that there was some major potential with the first book and I hoped that Hand could move the story along. However, I just felt that didn't happen. My biggest issue with Hallowed is how freaking predictable the entire plot was! SPOILERS: I knew the minute Clara started having visions of the funeral that it was her mother's. How could she NOT see that right way and immediately think it was Tuck. I mean SERIOUSLY. Her mother had been showing signs of illness. Additionally, I knew that her father was an angel in the first book and I also had a feeling that he was a pure angel so that didn't come as a shock. Which means, I also knew that Clara was more than a 4th angel and that was probably the reason her mother protected her so fiercely from the truth of her identity. The only real conundrum (that came out of the blue, in my opinion) is her brother starting the fire and trying to save Tuck because its his purpose. Where did that come from???

My second big issue in this book is the love triangle. Lord, the love triangle. I was very annoyed when Clara decided she was going to become a stalker and hide outside Tucker's window. SHE HID OUTSIDE HIS WINDOW! Haven't we been through this before in YA literature?? It doesn't matter if you are male, female, angel, or vampire it's not okay to watch someone sleep without their position. It's creepy and troubling. Additionally, I might be one of the only readers that kind of likes Christian. I think he understands Clara in a way that will only help her discover more about herself and her power. Tucker is an amazing guy but she can't stay with him. She is going to age so much slower than he is and Tucker wants to stay in his hometown! It's just not going to work and I just don't think love can conquer everything. You shouldn't have to compromise so much of yourself for another person. Sometimes we have to make the best decisions for the people we love that might not always be the easiest. I know this is a YA romance and that I most likely need to get off this tangent, but what started out as something resembling a healthy relationship has now spiraled out of control.

Overall, as you can tell, I'm frustrated with this book. I wanted it to be good especially since so many people on Goodreads like it. However, I had such a hard time getting over the flaws that were glaring at me to notice them. However, I stand by the fact that there is potential with this story. I just wish we could focus on on Clara becoming a stronger angel and what that means.