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Just Listen - Sarah Dessen I always seem to read a Sarah Dessen book at the right time in my life. I read "Along For the Ride" right after I had my daughter. If you've had the opportunity to read "Along for the Ride" you will understand why this is so significant.

However, this is a review for "Just Listen" which I actually liked better than "Along for the Ride."

The story focuses on Annabel Greene, a high school girl who happens to be a model and appears to have the "perfect life". She is the youngest of three sisters and goes out of her way to please the people around her even if that means not telling the complete truth. She doesn't want to hurt the people around her and avoids conflict. She goes through a very personal event that leads her to question her actions/inactions.

This really resonated with me. I too have dealt with an extreme need to please the people around me to the point where it's a fault. I saw my teenage self in Annabell in many ways and understand why this can be a bad thing. It's something that I want to address with my daughter.

As I side note, I LOVE Whitney she was my favorite character in the entire story.